Thoughts on French Bulldogs

They are so cute, but they are ugly! That’s how I’ve heard it many times since Indica; our French Bulldog, was born. It’s true! She looks and snores like a pig. One time, I was walking her outside, and she pointed out that she looked like a piggy on a lead. The father replied, “no, silly. That’s a…uh… dog…I think”.

It is enough to say that owning a French Bulldog was a rewarding experience, but they are an exceptional breed.

* She snores more than me! Ask my wife.

* She farts more stinky than me. She is not as loud, so I don’t have to blame her.

It sounds like someone is cleaning up the wet noodles.

* She throws up a lot, and it sounds almost like her grandfather clearing his throat.

* Allergies, allergies, allergies…scratching, scratching, scratching! Pet food allergies, grass allergies, air allergies, etc…

* Will not listen to commands. He understands everything but doesn’t listen. A real tete de Bois!


A lovable, funny, hilarious, comical and amusing breed of dog.

She’s great with our baby girl of 1 year. She loves everyone and everything. She can’t imagine living without it.

Before you decide to get one, keep some things in mind.

Cost– In getting them and paying the inevitable medical bills. We are a big rescue and adoption family. However, this dog breed can be overbred in certain places, leading to more medical problems. I believe that you should find a reliable breeder if you decide to get one. We felt less guilty about buying a dog because the one we sued fostered rescued mutts.

A guard dog is not allowed – unless the individual can be licked to death.

They are not sport dogs. Their noses and faces make it difficult for them to breathe well, making snoring sounds and other noises. It is important to pay attention when exercising your dog, especially in hot weather. They can die very quickly.

I hope you have gained a better understanding of the life of a french bulldog. Remember that rescued dogs are often a joy and a good thing. No matter what, spay/neuter your pet cat or dog. Particularly with French Bulldogs, giving birth to puppies can cause death for both the mother and the puppies. This is why most French Bulldog births are performed by c-section. However, this poses a risk to the mother.

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